Max Pniewski

Originally from Poland, Max has been in the tattooing game since 1999, during which time he has tattooed in Italy, Poland and now in the UK. Max is the owner and tattoo artist at Southmead Tattoo Studio in Bristol (England) since 2010.

Gallery of Max’s work

As a Bristol tattoo artist, Max has been rapidly developing his skills in both tattooing and many medias of painting and digital art. Now comfortable in all styles of tattooing but is particularly focused on the “realistic” path, focused on colour work mostly. Max is know as one of the most traveling artists in the UK as well, heading conventions and guest spots every month for last couple of years. His hard work and dedication is giving him strong roots on “tattoo map”.

After all these years he still concentrating on improving his work and artwork using all different techniques, learning all computer graphic programs etc. He is far away from giving away any opportunity to improve as an artist and person.

In 2013 Max took his realistic tattooing into another level and invented the “LEGOLISM” style which is based on Lego blocks world combined with realism using the same technics as Max is using in his everyday tattooing (blur effects, 3 plans of composition, alternative light etc).

Winning a lot of conventions and being nominated to Tattoo Artist Of The Year in 2013, 2014 and 2015 by various tattoo related publishers is giving some extra energy to work hard, but for Max the biggest energy source are customers willing “wearing” his tattoos. “Always remember where you coming from” – it`s Max`s rule of life, that`s why he always is pushing himself to be on the top of his game to make sure the customers will get the best from him for the trust they are giving him…


  • 2017: Titanic Tattoo Convention (Belfast – N.Ireland) – Best Of Friday
  • 2017: Liverpool Tattoo Convention (Liverpool – England)1st Place Best of Day Saturday
  • 2017: Tattoo Expo Bologna (Bologna – Italy)3rd Place Best Of The Day
  • 2016: Blackpool Tattoo Convention (Blackpool – England)Jimmie Skuse B.T.C Award
  • 2016: Southampton Tattoo Festival (Southampton-England) – 1st Realism
  • 2016: Southampton Tattoo Festival (Southampton-England) Runner up Oriental
  • 2015: Bristol Tattoo Convention (Bristol-England) – Best Small Colour
  • 2015: Arlon Tattoo Convention (Arlon-Belgium) – 1st Large Colour
  • 2015: 20th Milano Tattoo Convention (Milan-Italy) – 2nd Best Colour Realism
  • 2015: 1st Moers International Tattoo Convention (Moers-Germany) – 1st Best Colour, 2nd Best Colour, 1st Best Black And Grey, 1st Best Of Saturday, 1st Best Of Sunday and Best Of The Show
  • 2014: Tattoo And Toy Convention (Cardiff-Wales) – Best Large Colour
  • 2014: Tattoo Freeze (Telford-England) – Best Of Convention
  • 2013: Halloween Tattoo Bash (Cardiff-Wales) – Best Large Colour
  • 2013: Tattoo And Toy Convention (Cardiff-Wales) – Best Small Colour
  • 2013: Ink And Iron Convention (Birmingham-England) – Best Portrait, Best Female Backpiece
  • 2013: Scottish Body Art Convention (Perth-Scotland) – Best Of The Show
  • 2012: Somerset Tattoo Convention (Bridgwater-England) – Best Small Colour, Best Large Colour, Best Black And Grey
  • 2012: MK Tattoo Convention (Milton Keynes-England) – Best Small Colour
  • 2012: Ink And Iron Tattoo Convention (Birmingham-England) – Best Male Sleeve
  • 2011: Halloween Tattoo Bash (Newton Abbott-England) Fastest Gun In South West
  • 2012: Somerset Tattoo Convention (Bridgwater-England) – Best New School Tattoo
  • 2009: Somerset Tattoo Convention (Bridgwater-England) – Best Female Colour


chris_s_tattooChris started his journey as a tattoo artist in 2012 working in a variety of different styles, developing his technique over the years whilst experimenting with many types of media to develop his skills further.

Gallery of Chris’s work

Chris now specialises in his avant-garde colour style but is also comfortable in all different styles of tattooing ,making sure every design he creates is exceptional and unique.


  • 2017: Frome Tattoo Convention (Frome-England) – 1st Best colour
  • 2017: Portsmouth Tattoo Extravaganza – 2nd Male large



Adrianna became interested in piercings from the day she received her first one.

She is a piercer / manager and all the time expanding knowledge about body piercing and the broad concepts of body art.

The most important thing for her is to make people feel good in the studio and be satisfied with our work and quality.

Gallery of Adrianna’s work



Terr began his career back early 2016. Started his Apprenticeship here at Southmead in the past and focused on dotwork. Developing his style of dotwork, he likes to specialise in custom geometric work. Terr favourite things to do is dotwork realism.

Gallery of Terr’s work


  • 2017: Frome Tattoo Convention (Frome-England) – 1st Best new school



Hayley has been tattooing since early 2015, having an apprenticeship and studio experience within over studios in Bristol. She likes to keep an open mind with styles and designs to broaden her portfolio. Her favourite thing to tattoo is black and grey realism and floral work.

Gallery of Hayley’s work


  • 2017: Frome Tattoo Convention (Frome-England) – 1st Best of Sunday